Company profile

Behera company, Established year 1881, today ranks among the largest firms in Egypt, as well as being one of the oldest and most experienced.
A coordinated management approach and wide range of capacities enable Behera to aggregate total responsibility for projects of various size and scope.
All major engineering disciplines are represented.
For about 137 years of experience in the field of land reclamation carried by the company. More than 1million feddan of deserts and heath was reclaimed from year 1961 till now.
One of the Grand National project leased by Behera company was Construction of Sheikh Zayed Canal-South Valley (Toshka) - year 1997.
and in the beginning of 21st century the company proceeded in the country future plans to rehabilitate urban communities & South valley by taking part in Construction of branch 3 & 4 taking from Toshka canal, Irrigaion structures on branch 1 & 2 - 2001
That is not all, but our experience includes different type of construction fields such as:
1. Irrigation & Reclamation Projects
2. Earthworks (Excavation, Backfilling ... etc)
3. Pump stations Projects
4. Roads & Bridges Projects.
5. Infrastructure & Utilities Projects
6. Housings
7. Marine works (Wave Breakers, Quays ...)
8. Pile Foundations
9. Fabrication works (Company Workshops)
10. Subsidiaries (Dewatering, Explosion, Quarries)
11. Programming and information technology systems.
Our experience is not limited inside A.R.E, it extends to neighboring countries
Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah.
Dimocratic Rebublic of Sudan.
Rebublic of Uganda.
Saudi Arabia.

Heads of the company over the old Lake      

Chairmen list

 (From year 1881 till now)




  Eng/A.Forster 1881 1914
  Michele Selvago 1914 1950
  Henry Rabat 1950 1965
  Moustafa Marei 1956 1959
  Ahmed Abd Elhady 1959 1961
  Dr.Eng/Abd Elhamid Abu Sabae 1961 1972
  Eng/ Abd Elwahab Selim 1972 1972
  Dr.Eng/Abd Elhamid Abu Sabae 1972 1983
  Eng/Hussein Abu El yousser 1983 1990
  Eng/Soubhi Kassem 1990 1997
  Eng/Mohammed El Ghitany 1997 2003
  Eng/Mohammed Abd El Aziz 2003 2005
  Eng/Saleh Mohammed Saleh 2005 2008
  Eng/Ramadan Badawey Ayaad 2008 2011
  Eng/Ezzat Dourgham 2011 2013
  Eng/Zidan Mohammed Zidan 2013 2018
  Eng/ Ahmed Helmy 2018 2018
  Dr.Eng/ Mohammed El Dakkak 2018 2019
  Eng/Ahmed Mohamed Abdulla Edrees 2019 2021
  Dr.Eng/Ahmed Abdulla Abdrabo 2021 Now

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