Main activities

Irrigation & Reclamation Projects

Design & Execution of many reclamation projects , Construction of Canals & Drains , Executing Irrigation structures on canals (Syphons, Bridges , Regulators,Culverts….etc) ,also Canal lining works , slope protection, Implementing Modern Irrigation ways (sprinkling, Dripping,pivot)


the Company owns a large fleet of Earthworks equipment  used for excavation, backfilling ,earth moving….such as  (Bulldozers, Dump trucks, Scrapers….etc).

Pump stations Projects

the Company Executed many pump stations for different purposes (Irrigation ,lifting, potable water, floating, treatment water, Sewage & waste water pump stations).

Roads & Bridges Projects

Roads & Bridges Constructions is considered one of  the most important fields of work carried by behera company , in which the company held many of the major projects all over Egypt.

Infrastructure & Utilities Projects

The Company Contributed in improving the infrastructure of new urban communities & participated in providing utilities to these cities all over Egypt  such as (potable water nets, sewage, drainage, water tanks, electricity, telephone….etc.) 

Buildings &Housings

The field includes different type of constructions such as ( Services buildings, Housings, educational, Touristic buildings..

Marine works

Maritime works are one of the company's activities. They have implemented ports, wave barriers, arches, fishing ports.

Pile Foundations

The company executed many constructions on piling foundations …the company owns Bauer piling equipment (bored pile type).

Fabrication works

Company workshops considered a grand center for the manufacture and maintenance of Electromechanical works structural &hydraulic steel works.
It serves different executive sectors of the company and gives a great support in providing sites with different facilities, in addition to its role in the periodic maintenance of equipment & fabrication of the spare parts needed, also fabrication of agricultural equipment &tools..

Programming and information technology systems

The company has a historical and technological experience in this field, which was started in cooperation with the Ahram Center for Computers since 1975 and developed to build the computer center in 1983 where the company in cooperation with ICL English company at that time to purchase the MAIN FRAME of the latest models that entered Egypt In addition to the number of DRS50 and the latest data entry systems DDE. It also prepared a large and distinguished delegation of technical and administrative staff in this field and provided them with training and experience opportunities in cooperation with many specialized centers, whether Egyptian or foreign or in Egyptian universities . In order to do this, it used a distinguished group of specialized consultants from Alexandria Engineering College professors or technical supporters in various fields from I C L.

Subsidiaries (Dewatering , Explosion, Quarries)

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