About us

In 1875 a group of engineers who has been working in first excavation of Suez canal participated in establishment...
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Behera Company is committed to developing its land to promote the idea of agricultural reclamation in Egypt.
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What do you think of being a luxury?
A joint stock company works to improve the performance of the agricultural 
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Major Projects

Projects in Uganda

The project of operating and maintaining equipment for the Egyptian Ugandan project for resisting water weeds,...

Projects In Egypt

Roads & Bridges Constructions is considered one of the most important fields of work carried by behera company ,...

Projects In Libya

• Tawergha reclamation project.• Bengawad dam project.• Terffas well project.• Wadi Caam dam project.•...

Projects In Sudan

Fabricate, supply & install 300 pumps for thirst fight projectThe establishment of the Egyptian company for...

Projects In KSA

• Construction of Laith bridge between Mecca & Altaef.

Projects Under construction

2021        - The work of the presidential initiative for 7 villages in the Balina center, Sohag governorate, for a...

Behera Company

The company is one of the largest companies in general contracting, land reclamation and agricultural development in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Its establishment dates back to 1881 and has been working for many years in the service of development objectives throughout Egypt. . The company owns a variety of aspects of activity that contribute to the integration between them, which provides the greatest flexibility in the implementation of projects depending on their own potential. In the field of land reclamation, the areas that the company has been reclamation and reconstruction since the inception of more than one million acres of The land of the desert and deserts of which 500 thousand feddans during the period after nationalization in 1961, where reclamation activity is one of the main activities of the company study and design and implementation within the Arab Republic of Egypt and sister countries.

1. Irrigation & Reclamation Projects. 
2. Earthworks (Excavation, Backfilling…etc).
3. Pump stations Projects.
4. Roads & Bridges Projects.
5. Infrastructure & Utilities Projects.
6. Housings.
7. Marine works (Wave Breakers, Quays…).Read more
Human resources is considered a main power of Behera for being coherent and having the same vision which makes client requirements one of the priorities, In addition working as teamwork facilitates solving any problems or conflicts that may face us.

Behera owns a large fleet of equipment that serves all type of construction works which is distinguished by its high capabilities, Behera workshops stands as a principal sector in carrying out periodic maintenance and all repairs required in addition to fabricating some of spare parts needed for operation.

International Partners

A cooperation protocol was established between Pharos University and Behera Company.

Latest News

With God’s grace and grace, the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly has been held
On Saturday, 15/7/2023 to approve the financial statements for the fiscal year 2021/2022

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