information technology

Programming And Information Technology Systems:

The company has a historical and technological experience in this field, which was started in cooperation with the Ahram Center for Computers since 1975 and developed to build the computer center in 1983 where the company in cooperation with ICL English company at that time to purchase the MAIN FRAME of the latest models that entered Egypt In addition to the number of DRS50 and the latest data entry systems DDE. It also prepared a large and distinguished delegation of technical and administrative staff in this field and provided them with training and experience opportunities in cooperation with many specialized centers, whether Egyptian or foreign or in Egyptian universities . In order to do this, it used a distinguished group of specialized consultants from Alexandria Engineering College professors or technical supporters in various fields from I C L.
This group of the first pioneers of the company in the production of all programs and automated systems to serve and provide information to the leaders of the company to speed decision-making with the implementation of all financial, administrative and technical use of computer technology and the result of the high competencies of these pioneers became the demand is very large from the Gulf countries and spread the sons of the company in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE until they reached the highest positions in specialized companies.

In 1998, as a result of the great development in information technology and computers, the company developed the information center and replaced MAIN FRAMe with a wide network of NETWORKs. It consists of several internal networks. The company has established a number of computer centers for data speed service. These centers provided the appropriate equipment from servers on The latest models from SUN Japanese connected to dozens of personal computers of the company Fujitsu Japanese up to twenty-one device and then supplied these devices with the latest database technology from the US ORACLE, which works through the systems of Gale secured UNIX and provided for workers domain all the possibilities of training and upgrading for the use of this technology as well as to extend this network to all printers from different capacity for printing papers related to the individual or to meet all purposes printings and the most economical costs of the highest quality.
In this context, the company's information center prepared intensive internal training courses for the employees of the company to upgrade the cultural and information level of the employees. It also allowed all employees to deal with their own devices through the company's information network or to serve the business in their business sectors (ONLINE) or OFFLINE. The company's web site, which is currently being developed, has been developed to the latest in advanced technology in the field.

The trained technical staff of the company built all its systems and databases and set up integrated information systems for the company in the following areas:
- Employees and administrative affairs, wages and benefits of all kinds, organization and personnel management.
- Financial affairs, budget accounts, accounts of suppliers, customers, exchange accounts, banks and follow-up letters of guarantee.
- Cost calculations (actual and standard) of various types, whether the costs of orders or contracts or stages and final accounts.
- Land accounts and follow-ups and collections.
- Warehouse accounts and inventory control.
- Procurement and follow-up orders and supplier accounts and contracts.
- Management and follow-up of the entitlements of employees of the special insurance fund established to serve the employees of the company.
- Management and follow-up accounts of medical treatment project for the company's employees.
- Operations assigned to the company from the planning and follow-up implementation.
- Administering a system to support administrative decision-making at all levels of management.
- Administering an internal training system for the employees of the company to provide the maximum possible to upgrade the level of information workers.

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