Pump stations projects

The company is implementing various types of stations:

Lifting stations (irrigation water, drinking water and sewage water), water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, water and sewage networks, well water desalination plants and floating lift stations, and the most important of these projects:

- The work of the housing colony in the Toshka sector, in which the drinking water purification plant was established - Electromechanical works for the sewage stations.
- Replacement and refurbishment works for the valve actuators at the Atfih water station, which were finally delivered on 2/1/2020.
- Supply and installation of 4 floating stations were delivered at Qastal and Andan project, they were delivered on 6/5/2020.
- The work of feeding water networks, sewage networks, lifting stations, sewage treatment plant and irrigation pumps in the industrial zone of Baid Al-Arab - Beni Suef Al-Jadeeda has been carried out.
Lift station (1 & 2) on Al-Bustan main canal, West Delta.
A project for the construction of a number (4) youth lift stations in eastern Delta.
- Ramses Raising Station Project.
-Nubaria sewage treatment plant, New Nubaria City Reconstruction Authority.
- Construction of a main and subsidiary water lifting station and industrial zone in the industrial area of ​​15th of May City.
- The main and sub-station project for the Industrial Zone of Bayad El-Arab, in Beni Suef Governorate.
Establishing 4 floating lifting stations and expulsion pipelines in Abu Simbel.
Establishing a floating pump station in Rayyan Valley.

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