Roads & Bridges Constructions

Roads & Bridges Constructions is considered one of  the most important fields of work carried by behera company , in which the company held many of the major projects all over Egypt.

   The most important  projects :

  • Construction of 9 bridges with Sheikh Zayed Canal and its branches in Toshka, with the completion of the work of the residential colony bored with project works.
  • Road works have been completed at the residential colony in the Toshka sector.
  • Road works and the administrative building were in the industrial zone of Bayyad El Arab - New Beni Suef.
  • First stage for doubling (Alexandria/Cairo) desert road from km9 to km 52.
  • Construction of circular road around Cairo city.
  • Construction of  22 bridges & sidewalks on sector 4& sectors1,9 Circular road.
  • Road works on right embankment of  kantara sharq.
  • Repairing & re-pavement of  passengers terminal 1 & internal serving road at Cairo airport.
  • Ahmad Moharam Tunnel under railway – Dammanhour.
  • Construction of main roads at  3rd quarter  of dammitte new city .
  • Construction of  main road from Abu sembel /Aswan leading to Moubarak pump station (Toshka).