Wadi caam dam is one of the greatest projects executed in Libyan Arab jamahiriyah year 1973. The Dam capacity 111,000,000m3  The project included about 11million meter cube of earthwork done.

In the field of land reclamation:-

-the areas that the company has reclaimed and reconstructed since its inception amounted to more than a million acres of study and implementation within the Arab Republic of Egypt, including 500 thousand acres in Abu Simbel (in the region of peace and Qastal and Adndan) and in Edfu (Wadi Sa`da and Wadi al-Nugra) and in the eastern Delta ( Al-Shabab, Al-Hussainiya, and East Suez) and in the West Delta and Northwest Coast (in the West Nubariya, Al-Bustan, Sugar Beets, Dabaa, and Al-Alamein areas).
- The rehabilitation of 15,232 acres, an area of ​​866 acres and 250 acres, has been completed as a protection strip in the Wadi Al-Sa'ayda area.
- The completion of the agricultural works has been completed in the Abi Baitak area in the sixth district of the new Beni Suef region. A final delivery of the agricultural works has been submitted on 25/1/2020.
- Reclamation of an area of ​​900 acres in the tree forest project has been completed as part of the new Beni Suef Development Agency.

- The 5,000-acre reclamation has been completed in Qastal and Adndan region and a final delivery was delivered on 5/5/2020.
Reclamation and infrastructure work for peace was delivered in Abu Simbel on 6/11/2019.

In the field of irrigation development: -

- A total of 408 independent irrigation units were supplied and installed in Wadi Al-Sa`idah.
- A total of 233 independent irrigation units were supplied and installed in Wadi El-Fogra.
The company relied on advanced irrigation systems to cultivate 25,000 acres in neighboring countries, such as the Libyan Jamahiriya.

the Company executed the major projects for conveying water under Water Streams
-Construction of (Abu El Khaw) Syphon under Ryah El Beheri – year 1971.
-Construction of (Defrswar) Syphon under Suez canal – year 1980.

Landscaping& Planting is one of the fields that behera achieved a significant work Alexandria International Garden at Alexandria/Cairo desert road was one of the biggest projects held by our company , adding to that landscaping of different touristic villages as Marina-Allamin & Abu Sembel Touristic villages.
Afforestation work on build your home project in the sixth district of the new city of Beni Suef.
Afforestation and green areas around the residential colony of Toshka.