Registeration Information

Name: Musahmet El Behera Company (S.A.E)
Establishement : Year1881
At year of establishment 750,0000L.E
Authorized :100,000,000 L.E
Paid: 60,000,000L.E
Employment: 1800 Employee (average)
-In Egyptian Federation Of Building &Construction no.82 "ClassA" all sections
1- Building-Foundations-Steel structures- Complementary works.
2- Roads-Bridges-Railways-Airports.
3-Pumpstations-Water & Sewage nets- Gas &Fuel nets.
4- Public works –Power stations- Marine works –Dredging –Land reclamation.
5- Electromechanical works & Telecommunication nets.
-Taxes ID No.878-127-100
-Commercial ID NO.14843
-Industrial ID No.558
-ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

Classification of the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors "First Class" for the following people:
First Division: Building works - Foundations - Metal construction - Supplementary works
Second Division: Works of roads, corridors, airstrips, bridge works and railways
Third Division: Stations, water and sewage networks, gas and fuel networks
Fourth Division: Works of public works and irrigation stations - marine and river works and Tikrik - land reclamation works
Fifth Division: Electromechanical and electronic works for factories, factories and public buildings - Light current networks works - Works of production and distribution of electric, water, gas and diesel power (conventional)
Quality Certificates: The company is ISO 9001 certified