The Company Contributed in improving the infrastructure of new urban communities & participated in providing utilities to these cities all over Egypt such as (potable water nets, sewage, drainage, water tanks, electricity, telephone….etc.).

From the most important projects :

  • Implementing Utility nets  at new Nobaria city, new Borg El arab city, portsaid & Obour city.
  • Conveying waste water to wadi el technologia through pipelines – Ismailia.
  • Implementing Sewage net & constructing drainage lifting pump station at Agamy-Alexandria.
  • the company was awarded the huge project of the industrial region Bayad El Arab  - BenySweif  (3 stages) including sewage nets & water nets Main pump stations, water  elevated & ground tanks –oxidation ponds.
  • Reclamation works and infrastructure for peace were delivered in Abu Simbel for final delivery on 11/6/2019 within the project of Qastal and Andan.