Marine Works

  • Passengers & Fishing harbors at Aswan.
  • Construction of 5 Wave breakers  at Marina Allamin.
  • Construction of Yacht port &  Quay  at Marina Allamin.
  • Construction of 3 wave breakers at Baltim.
  • Construction of  Marine wall to protect Elgamil Coast.
  • Construction of 7 wave breakers to protect El Arish coast.
  • Fish Farms.
  • Completion of dredging works in the southeastern region of Bougaz, El Dibh Triangle, within the second stage of the urgent solution for the development of Al-Manzala Lake, southern part from 3.500 km to 7.300 (protection of beaches): km and the transport of dredging product.
  • Protection of sporadic coasts in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, with sand feeding, in the east of Al-Ruwais, east of the Kuchiner Bank, Baltim, in the Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.