Projects Under construction


        -Dredging works and waterweed removal in different governorates.
         Ministry of water resources & irrigation.
         Contracts value = 760,000 L.E.

        -Widening Toshka spillway canal from K.m 8.5 to K.m 11.0.
         Ministry of water resources & irrigation.
         Contract value = 800,000 L.E.


        -Agricultural work of tree forest covering 900fed in Banysweif.
         Organization of new Banysweif city development.
         Contract value =52,677,000L.E.

        -Dredging and removing sedimentations at Sidi Kreir harbour (2 contracts).
         Arab petroleum pipelines company (SUMID).
         Contracts value = 31,464,235 L.E.      

       -Completion of dredging the area southeast of the Bogas Triangle of Diba within the second phase of the urgent solution for the development of Lake Manzala,         the southern part, from 3,500 km to 7,300 km.
        Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.
        Contract 51,610,000 L.E.


        -Replacement of manual &mechanical valves for 3 Pump stations at Guiza governorate.
         Holding company of potable water and sanitary drainage.
         Contracts value = 8,747,600L.E.

        -Terminating agricultural works for ebny beitk region-New Benysweif City.
         Organization of new Benysweif city development.
         Contracts value = 4,577,040 L.E.


        -Rehabilitation and lining of canals (Railway Watering - New Reservation - Upper Adana Branch 2) under the control of the General Administration of Irrigation          Aswan.
         General Administration of Horizontal Expansion and Projects in Esna.
         Contract value of 3,608,000 L.E.  

      - Rehabilitation and lining of Al-Razzafa Canal under the control.
        General Administration of Irrigation West of the Lake for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation / General Administration of Horizontal Expansion and            Projects in West Delta.
        Contract value of 35.000.000 L.E.



       -The work of the presidential initiative for 7 villages in the Balina center, Sohag governorate, for a decent life project (descent networks - lifting and ejection               stations).
        Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces in the southern region.
        Contract value of 600,000,000 L.E.

     -Dredging and purification of the accumulated sediments at Al-Lanchat Port in Sidi Kerir.
      SUMED Company, contract No. 55/2020.
     Contract value of 22,512,000 L.E.

    - Removing the navigational bottlenecks in the winds of El-Buhairi in the distance from 42 km to 82 km (Al-Khattabah Lock - Pauline Barrages
      The Public Authority for River Transport.
      Contract value of 75,803,000 L.E.