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Projects In Egypt

Roads & Bridges Constructions is considered one of  the most important fields of work carried by behera company , in which the company held many of the major projects all over Egypt.

Irrigation & Reclamation Projects

Design & Execution of many reclamation projects , Construction of Canals & Drains , Executing Irrigation structures on canals (Syphons, Bridges , Regulators,Culverts….etc) ,also Canal lining works , slope protection, Implementing Modern Irrigation ways (sprinkling, Dripping,pivot).

1.Construction & Lining of Canals

Major projects executed by the company :
- Construction of Main Ibrahimia Canal.
- Construction of Toshka spillway 22 Km.
- Construction & lining of Main Bustan Canal 54 Km.
- Construction & Lining Sheikh Gaber Canal 50 Km -Sinai.
- Construction & Lining Sheikh Zayed Canal 72 Km –Sinai.
- Construction & Lining Branch 3,4 on Sheikh Zayed Canal 83 Km – Toshka.
- Widening & Lining of Branch 1,2 on Sheikh Zayed Canal 6.2 Km – Toshka.
- Deepening of Toshka Spillway from km 0.0 to Km 20.407 for floods.
-The works of Sheikh Zayed, taken from the Suez Canal, east of Suez.
-Toshka Canal expansion work from 8,500 km to 11 km.

2. Land reclamation & Modern Irrigation

Reclamation of more than one million feddan of desert lands in A.R.E using modern irrigation systems , Also the company implemented modern irrigation systems (25000fed.) in neighborhood countries such as Libyan Arab jamahiriyah.
In the field of land reclamation:-
-the areas that the company has reclaimed and reconstructed since its inception amounted to more than a million acres of study and implementation within the Arab Republic of Egypt, including 500 thousand acres in Abu Simbel (in the region of peace and Qastal and Adndan) and in Edfu (Wadi Sa`da and Wadi al-Nugra) and in the eastern Delta ( Al-Shabab, Al-Hussainiya, and East Suez) and in the West Delta and Northwest Coast (in the West Nubariya, Al-Bustan, Sugar Beets, Dabaa, and Al-Alamein areas).
- The rehabilitation of 15,232 acres, an area of ​​866 acres and 250 acres, has been completed as a protection strip in the Wadi Al-Sa'ayda area.
- The completion of the agricultural works has been completed in the Abi Baitak area in the sixth district of the new Beni Suef region. A final delivery of the agricultural works has been submitted on 25/1/2020.
- Reclamation of an area of ​​900 acres in the tree forest project has been completed as part of the new Beni Suef Development Agency.
- The 5,000-acre reclamation has been completed in Qastal and Adndan region and a final delivery was delivered on 5/5/2020.
Reclamation and infrastructure work for peace was delivered in Abu Simbel on 6/11/2019.
In the field of irrigation development: -
- A total of 408 independent irrigation units were supplied and installed in Wadi Al-Sa`idah.
- A total of 233 independent irrigation units were supplied and installed in Wadi El-Fogra.
The company relied on advanced irrigation systems to cultivate 25,000 acres in neighboring countries, such as the Libyan Jamahiriya.

3. Construction of Syphons

the Company executed the major projects for conveying water under Water Streams
- Construction of (Abu El Khaw) Syphon under Ryah El Beheri – year 1971.
- Construction of (Defrswar) Syphon under Suez canal – year 1980.

4. Construction of Dams

Wadi caam dam is one of the greatest projects executed in Libyan Arab jamahiriyah year 1973. The Dam capacity 111,000,000m3 The project included about 11million meter cube of earthwork done.
The project also included construction of (Dakkar , Tebrit, Bengawad ) with capacity 1,500,000 m3/ dam.

5. Dredging

The Company owns a large fleet of dredging equipment used for construction , widening & cleaning of Canals & water streams.
- Cleaning, deepening & widening Nobaria canal.
- Dredging open lakes at marina touristic village.
- Deepening & improving Damaitte navigational branch.
- Completion of the dredging of the southeastern area of Bougaz, El Dibh Triangle, within the second stage of the urgent solution for developing Al-Manzala Lake, the southern part from 3,500 km to 7,300 km.
- Sidi Kerir dredging work for Sumed Company (dredging and clearing the accumulated sediments). Contract extended from 2018 to 2021.

6. Gabions

The Company executed gabions used to protect embankments, slopes and canals bed.
- Protecting 14 kilometers of Bustan canal using gabions.
- Protecting slopes & bed of Sheikh Gaber canal using gabions from Km 19 to 24.
- Using gabions in Mersa Matrouh as dams to protect against fluds.
- Works of dredging and protection with gables and barriers in the Marina Center - the worlds.

7. Irrigation Improvement

At the beginning of 1999 the company had added irrigation improvement as one of its activities in which it took a great participation in improving the irrigation of Main canal , branches & meskas .
In year 2000 the company was awarded improvement work all over Egypt governorates with value about 70,000,000L.E
( Dammanhour- Kafr el sheikh- Zakazik- Fayoum ).

8. landscaping

- Landscaping& Planting is one of the fields that behera achieved a significant work Alexandria International Garden at Alexandria/Cairo desert road was one of the biggest projects held by our company , adding to that landscaping of different touristic villages as Marina-Allamin & Abu Sembel Touristic villages.
- Afforestation work on build your home project in the sixth district of the new city of Beni Suef.
- Afforestation and green areas around the residential colony of Toshka.


the Company owns a large fleet of Earthworks equipment used for excavation, backfilling ,earth moving….such as (Bulldozers, Dump trucks, Scrapers….etc).
- The expansion and deepening of the Al-Nasr Bank 3 project in Al-Bustan (Al-Bustan Extension Area) has been completed, and the handover was final on 15/4/2020.
- Excavation to construct Toshka canal year 1997.
Behera participated in greatest National country projects as:
- Suez canal projects after 1973 war improving the area around the canal to widen the canal & help in returning navigational activities .

Pump stations projects

The company is implementing various types of stations:
Lifting stations (irrigation water, drinking water and sewage water), water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, water and sewage networks, well water desalination plants and floating lift stations, and the most important of these projects:
- The work of the housing colony in the Toshka sector, in which the drinking water purification plant was established - Electromechanical works for the sewage stations.
- Replacement and refurbishment works for the valve actuators at the Atfih water station, which were finally delivered on 2/1/2020.
- Supply and installation of 4 floating stations were delivered at Qastal and Andan project, they were delivered on 6/5/2020.
- The work of feeding water networks, sewage networks, lifting stations, sewage treatment plant and irrigation pumps in the industrial zone of Baid Al-Arab - Beni Suef Al-Jadeeda has been carried out.
Lift station (1 & 2) on Al-Bustan main canal, West Delta.
A project for the construction of a number (4) youth lift stations in eastern Delta.
- Ramses Raising Station Project.
-Nubaria sewage treatment plant, New Nubaria City Reconstruction Authority.
- Construction of a main and subsidiary water lifting station and industrial zone in the industrial area of ​​15th of May City.
- The main and sub-station project for the Industrial Zone of Bayad El-Arab, in Beni Suef Governorate.
Establishing 4 floating lifting stations and expulsion pipelines in Abu Simbel.
Establishing a floating pump station in Rayyan Valley.

Roads & Bridges Constructions

Roads & Bridges Constructions is considered one of  the most important fields of work carried by behera company , in which the company held many of the major projects all over Egypt.
The most important  projects :
- Construction of 9 bridges with Sheikh Zayed Canal and its branches in Toshka, with the completion of the work of the residential colony bored with project works.
- Road works have been completed at the residential colony in the Toshka sector.
- Road works and the administrative building were in the industrial zone of Bayyad El Arab - New Beni Suef.
- First stage for doubling (Alexandria/Cairo) desert road from km9 to km 52.
- Construction of circular road around Cairo city.
- Construction of  22 bridges & sidewalks on sector 4& sectors1,9 Circular road.
- Road works on right embankment of  kantara sharq.
- Repairing & re-pavement of  passengers terminal 1 & internal serving road at Cairo airport.
- Ahmad Moharam Tunnel under railway – Dammanhour.
- Construction of main roads at  3rd quarter  of dammitte new city .
- Construction of  main road from Abu sembel /Aswan leading to Moubarak pump station (Toshka).


The Company Contributed in improving the infrastructure of new urban communities & participated in providing utilities to these cities all over Egypt such as (potable water nets, sewage, drainage, water tanks, electricity, telephone….etc.).
From the most important projects :
- Implementing Utility nets  at new Nobaria city, new Borg El arab city, portsaid & Obour city.
- Conveying waste water to wadi el technologia through pipelines – Ismailia.
- Implementing Sewage net & constructing drainage lifting pump station at Agamy-Alexandria.
- The company was awarded the huge project of the industrial region Bayad El Arab  - BenySweif  (3 stages) including sewage nets & water nets Main pump stations, water  elevated & ground tanks –oxidation ponds.
- Reclamation works and infrastructure for peace were delivered in Abu Simbel for final delivery on 11/6/2019 within the project of Qastal and Adndan.

Buildings & Housings

The field includes different type of constructions such as ( Services buildings, Housings, educational, Touristic buildings..).
- Delivery of (300) residential units in Qastal and Andan on 7/5/2020.
- Construction of services buildings, Graduates housings,House colonies at Wadi El Rayan(Fayoum), El Bustan.
- Construction of (93) graduate residences were established in Al-Ashraf village in Asayda Valley in Aswan, so that the total number of Muslim residences in the village becomes final delivery (800) graduate residences.
- Construction of (15) graduate residences were established in Al-Samaha village in Wadi Al-Sa'idah in Aswan, so the total number of Muslim residences in the village becomes (480) residences.
- Construction of 282 beach cabin in Calipso tourist village – Red Sea Government.
- Construction of 88 units in Ras Ghareb city.
- Construction of 18 building apartments in region A33 –Port Said.
- Construction of 460 Housing units - Arish.
- Construction of 6 schools  - Aswan.
- Construction of research Compound  building  at toshka.

Marine Works

-Passengers & Fishing harbors at Aswan.
-Construction of 5 Wave breakers  at Marina Allamin.
-Construction of Yacht port &  Quay  at Marina Allamin.
-Construction of 3 wave breakers at Baltim.
-Construction of  Marine wall to protect Elgamil Coast.
-Construction of 7 wave breakers to protect El Arish coast.
-Fish Farms.
-Completion of dredging works in the southeastern region of Bougaz, El Dibh Triangle, within the second stage of the urgent solution for the development of Al-Manzala Lake, southern part from 3.500 km to 7.300 (protection of beaches): km and the transport of dredging product.
-Protection of sporadic coasts in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, with sand feeding, in the east of Al-Ruwais, east of the Kuchiner Bank, Baltim, in the Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

Pile Foundations

The company executed many constructions on piling foundations …the company owns Bauer piling equipment (bored pile type).
Important projects on piles:
- 4 Bridges on El nasr3 main drain.
- 6 Bridges on El Bustan main canal.
- 15 Bridges included in Infrastructures projects - West Delta.
- 18 Bridges & 2 syphons included in Infrastructures projects - East Delta.
- 22 Bridges on Cairo circular road.
- 7 Bridges on Sheikh Zayed Canal - Toshka.

Fabrication Works

Company workshops considered a grand center for the manufacture and maintenance of Electromechanical works structural &hydraulic steel works.
It serves different executive sectors of the company and gives a great support in providing sites with different facilities, in addition to its role in the periodic maintenance of equipment & fabrication of the spare parts needed, also fabrication of agricultural equipment &tools..
The following are some of the range of activities of this sector:

Software and Information Technology Activity

The company has historical and technological expertise in this field, construction began in cooperation with the Al-Ahram Center for Computers since 1975 and developed into the building of the company's computer center in 1983 where the company cooperated with the English ICL company at that time to purchase a MAIN FRAMe device of the latest models that entered Egypt At the time, it also added to it 2 DRS50 devices and the latest DDE data entry systems. It also prepared a large and distinguished lineup of technical and administrative cadres in this field and provided them with training opportunities and gained experiences in cooperation with many specialized centers, whether Egyptian or foreign or in Egyptian universities. In this way, she sought the assistance of a distinguished group of specialized consultants, including professors of Alexandria Engineering College or technical supporters in various fields, from I C L Company.

Auxiliary works